The Easy To Pitch Mi-Camp ONE Inflatable Tent

​Perfect for Every Adventure!

  • Quick & Easy To Pitch Single-handedly
  • Unique Layering System For Complete Comfort
  • Personalise With Your Favourite Colours
  • Modular To Create The Space You Need
  • Inflatable Frame With Lifetime Guarantee*
  • Ideal For Individuals, Groups & Families
  • 2 Man Tent, 4 Man Tent, 6 Man Tent, 8+ Man Tent

The tent system looks really exciting, great to see lots of colour options and configurations...

Becky Pawley

 With 46 design patents in 30+ countries the Mi-Camp® ONE® is only available here!

Packed With Over 48 Features Here's Everything You Get... ⬇

A Quick & Easy To Pitch Tent

Simply Layout, Pump Up & Secure

The Mi-Camp ONE inflatable tent is built upon an air frame that blows up quickly from a single point using the supplied high flow hand pump.  If you need to erect your Mi-Camp ONE in seconds, simply attach an electric pump (sold separately). Each frame has two inflation points allowing fast inflation & deflation from any side. Once up, secure it to the ground with guy ropes.

Quick Air Removal

Due to the position of the inflation / deflation valves, packing the tent down is quick and easy. By opening the valves located either end of the frame, air can be expelled from the frame tubes with ease, making packing it away fast.  

Quick Pitch Tent Timing

Lifetime Air Cell Guarantee

Air frames carry a lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Make Your Tent As Comfortable As Home!

Quickly & easily add or remove internal layers allowing you to blackout your sleeping area for a better night sleep.

Add technical layers for climate control & noise reduction. Now its easy to stay warm on those cold nights and cool during the summer, whilst dampening the sound of noisy neighbours.

Camping Tent With Blackout Layer

Blackout Layers 

Incorporating exit signs for door identification and orientation.

MiCamp ONE Blackout Layers

Your Tent Your Way... 

You can even personalise the inside of your Mi-Camp ONE from an expanding range of coloured layers. Once you're done, simply leave in place ready for your next camping adventure.

Comfort Layers

Removable Liners

Create Insect Free Sleeping Areas

Internal liners allow you to create a dedicated sleeping area, giving you extra protection from the ground, insects and much more!

Technical liners allow you to enhance the area even further. Try a pollen filtering liner to ease hay fever, a pet liner to home your dog, or even a bathroom liner to create a fully waterproof space to use a portable shower or toilet! 

Removable Camping Tent Liner

Add Skins To Enhance Style &  Specifications

Skins give you the ability to change the overall look of your Mi-Camp ONE as well as its technical specifications, allowing you to create a tent that's as unique as you! 

Maybe you want a tent that stands out in a crowd or blends into the scenery.  If you want a different look? Simply change the skin!

3 Unique Ranges

For The Ultimate Customisation

Choose from the "Camping Range", "Glamping Range" or "Signature Collection" to customise your Mi-Camp ONE to your exact requirements, at a cost you can afford!

Mi Camp ONE Camping Range

The Camping Tent Range is designed for day to day camping. Using quality materials to fully protect your Mi-Camp ONE. The Camping Tent Range offers great value for money!  

Mi Camp ONE Glamping Range

The Glamping Tent Range is designed for those of us who prefer a little more luxury in life...Offering materials that fully protect your Mi-Camp ONE but look and feel more glamorous too!

Mi Camp ONE Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is the most exquisite of ranges for those of us who want superior materials with the option to add even further personalisation. Making your Mi-Camp ONE totally unique!  

Modular Design 

Create The Space You Want!

Inflatable modules connect Quickly & Easily to create the space you want. For festival camping simply take ONE & connect to your friends. For family camping take several to create your home from home.

Modular Camping Tent

The Mi-Camp ONE modular tent system is completely different to other connectable tent systems, it's built in connectivity allows individual tents to be connected together without additional parts or tunnels whilst remaining 100% waterproof.

​​​​​​​​Fits Any Size Pitch

Any side of the Mi-Camp ONE connects to another, allowing you to create the space you want even on the smallest of campsite pitches. Need more space? Simply add another ONE!

Quick Set Up

By eliminating dark tunnels and fiddly attachments the Mi-Camp modular ONE pitches fast using its built in connectivity.

Easy Transportation 

Each tent module comes in its own carry bag making transportation easy.

Frames Connect Quickly & Easily

Pull straps and buckles ensure stability and prevent water ingress. High visibility storm straps provide extra stability in bad weather.

Detachable Windows, Doors & Vented Panels

Quickly and easily add or remove side panels to create a tent body that suits you.  Each panel fully opens allowing you to take in panoramic views whilst still having the sleeping, utility and shaded areas you want. 

Puncture Resistant

To help prevent punctures the frame is wrapped with an extra two layers of high spec wear resistant material, in addition each cell is connected with a quick release valve. These valves allow you to isolate the cell for repair, so there's NO need to abandon your trip for the sake of a puncture.

Each Mi-Camp ONE is supplied with a fast repair patch allowing punctured cells to be repaired and re-inflated quickly whilst your tent remains inflated and stable.

Mi-Camp ONE Lifetime Frame Warranty

Lifetime Air Frame Cell Warranty

We are so confident with the quality of the cells and pressures they withstand, we are willing to guarantee cells for life against weld failure. If for any reason the weld fails causing a leak, we will replace the cell free of charge.

In addition your Mi-Camp ONE comes complete with a 12 months manufacturing guarantee for complete peace of mind.

All ONE Size

 All Mi-Camp ONEs are exactly the same size, to make your camping space bigger you simply add additional ONEs. The internal height allows you to be able to stand up inside, whilst the doors are high enough for you to walk through without bending.

Plenty Of Space Without Trip Hazards!

The generous floor space allows the easy fitting of a double airbed whilst fitting three single airbeds doesn't feel like a squash!

The tent also has fold down door flaps on every opening preventing trip hazards when entering, walking through or exiting the tent.

This makes the ONE an ideal family tent as it's completely pushchair & wheelchair friendly.    

2 man / 3 man tent

Your Safety Is Paramount:

We've used flame retardant materials in manufacturing the Mi-Camp ONE, eliminated trip hazards internally and use brightly coloured guy cords / straps for stability and visibility in the dark.  

If for any reason you needed to exit your tent quickly, blackout layers incorporate exit signs to help with orientation and identify doors.

All layers have been designed to allow quick access to outer panel zips ensuring a quick exit from any side of the tent if needed.

Built In Ventilation System

The Mi-Camp ONE ventilation system ensures air flows through each layer of the tent from the external ventilation grills or vent panel, through to the inner liner and back outside. In addition, internal layers are fully breathable allowing condensation to pass through keeping you comfortably dry inside.

48 Features & Benefits of the Mi-Camp ONE

  1.  A 100% waterproof sewn in ground sheet to prevent water ingress
  2. A robust footprint to protect the underside of your tent
  3. Modular design allowing you to create a tent the size and layout you want using quick release buckles and straps
  4. Built in connectivity, eliminating the need for additional tunnels or connection accessories.
  5. Quick and easy to inflate air frame
  6.  Frame cells guaranteed for life against weld failure, double wrapped to prevent punctures
  7. 12 months manufactures guarantee against faulty materials & workmanship
  8.  Frame design allows cells to be repaired or replaced with ease
  9. Non spill quick release cell connectors make it easy to isolate a leak whilst keeping the rest of your tent inflated
  10. Single point inflation from a choice of two inflation points. Making pitching easy and packing down fast. Air can expel through both points rather than at one end of a cell. Preventing air becoming trapped and the tent not packing down as small as it should.
  11. A high flow pump for inflating the frame
  12. Electric pump compatible
  13. Removable inner liners to create dedicated sleeping areas
  14. Removable liners with technical properties including pollen filters, pet liners and fully waterproof bathroom liners
  15. Changeable internal layers that allow you to create partitions, blackout, insulate, cool, colourise or dampen noise inside your tent.
  16. Blackout layers incorporating exit signs for door identification and orientation 
  17. Quick access exit points on every side
  18. Interchangeable doors, windows, vented panels and fly screens
  19. Canopy pole mounting points on every outer panel
  20. Add shade wherever you want
  21. Skins allow you to change the outside colour of your tent
  22. Technical Skins to enhance the specifications (including water repellency) of your Mi-Camp ONE.
  23. Clear PVC windows, door and roof keeping the tent light and airy during the day
  24. Ventilation system for breathability and to combat condensation
  25. Fold down thresholds throughout the tent eliminating trip hazards
  26. Wheel chair and pushchair friendly
  27. Standing height throughout, no need to stoop when entering or exiting the tent
  28. Cable management system keeping electrical cables off the floor out of harms way
  29. Lantern hanging point
  30. Off ground storage pockets in liners making it easy to get to your things during the night
  31. Storage Layers allowing you to put your things where ever you want
  32. Bright guy ropes for safety
  33. Storm straps for extra stability
  34. Double air beds fit with ease
  35. 3x Single air beds fit comfortably
  36. Carpet available
  37. Carry bag for easy manoeuvring of the tent
  38. One person inflation
  39. Weighs under (TBC) KGS 
  40. Future proof design allows anything and everything to change
  41. Manufactured from quality materials
  42. Fire retardant
  43. Expanding range of skins, layers and liners to choose from
  44. Changeable ground sheet for caravan and motor home awnings preventing yellow grass
  45. Mi-Kids achievement badge mount to display badges your children have earned
  46. Emergency spares / repair kit. For fast replacement of essential components.
  47. All external sewn edges taped to keep water out
  48. Multi-use
  49. Choice of range to suit your budget

Technical Specifications

Please note: that the specifications shown here are for the Camping Range Mi-Camp ONE. Adding liners, layers & skins will enhance the specifications of the tent whilst increasing weight. Technical Skins will enhance your Mi-Camp ONE even further allowing you to camp in the most severe environments. 


2m Door openings

2.3m Internal height centre


2.2m Inside door openings

2.4m External edge to edge

Hydrostatic head height: 3000mm - 6000mm

Tear strength: min 45 (N)  

Cold crack: max -30°C 

Flame resistance: BS5867-2:2008 Type B [15s flame application]

Weight: 20KG