About Mi-Camp ONE  & Founder Benjamin Perry

As a single dad of two young children and having a love for the outdoors, camping was the natural choice when it came to the school holidays....

Unfortunately camping isn't easy when you're trying to pitch a tent, entertain two children and have fun....hence the idea for the Mi-Camp ONE was born!

The Mi-Camp ONE is the worlds 1st fully customisable inflatable camping tent. It's easy to pitch single handedly, looks the way you want, is as big as you need, and feels as comfortable as home. Its so adaptable you can even use it as a caravan or motor home awning!

Discover over 45 features & benefits the Mi-Camp ONE inflatable camping tent has to offer.

Development of the tent started in 2014. Since then, the design has been refined and tested. The Mi-Camp ONE design is now registered in 30+ countries under 46 individual design patents incorporating 263 views. Trade marked under Mi-Camp® & ONE®.

Here at Mi-Camp we continue to develop our ranges and accessories working towards our long term goal of being able to offer you everything you need to go camping under the Mi-Camp brand.

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