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With so many tents on the market, how do you decide which one to buy? In this exclusive guide written by UK Tent Expert Benjamin Perry you'll discover:

✓ everything you need to know before buying a tent

 The Problems with Inflatable Tents & how to solve them

All about Festival, 2 man & 4 man Tents

The truth about Tent pitch times

What materials Protect you from wind driven rain

Which tents are Easy to Pitch & Pack Away

The latest developments in Tent Technology

 A technical Jargon Buster & much more including Info on Inflatable, Family, Modular & Blackout Tents

Tent Buyers Guide

Over 16 Info Packed Pages!

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About The Author Benjamin Perry is the founder of Mi-Camp® & inventor of the Mi-Camp® ONE®. Over the past 4 years whilst the Mi-Camp® ONE® has been under development I've spent thousands of hours sourcing, comparing and testing every type of camping tent there is, from large luxury camping tents to the smallest of pod tents and everything in between.

I started the development of the Mi Camp ONE in 2014. Since then, the design has been refined and tested. The Mi-Camp® ONE® design is now registered in 30+ countries under 46 individual design patents incorporating 263 views, and trade marked under Mi-Camp® & ONE®.

The Purpose Of This Exclusive Guide Is To Introduce You To The Inflatable Mi-Camp ONE, Whilst Giving You All The Information You Need To Make The Right Choice When Buying  A Tent Regardless of the Manufacturer - 16 Info Packed Pages!